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Regardless if you’re a parent, teen, single adult, or grandparent, everyone needs dental care. At Denton Family Dentistry, Dr. Joseph Choi and his team provide exceptional family dental care. We find it gratifying to serve smiles of all ages and help patients from one to 100 achieve ideal oral health with radiant smiles that last.

In addition to our dentist’s many years of experience and continued education, our dental office houses some of the latest advances in dental technology and treatment techniques. This allows us to identify, diagnose, and treat various dental concerns that can impact smiles throughout different stages of life.

We enjoy meeting new patients and caring for returning ones. Our entire team considers it an honor to help you obtain the healthy, confident smiles you deserve. Whether we’re establishing trust with your young child, or restoring a family member’s smile with dental implants, our practice is equipped to be your home for comprehensive and life-long dental care. Contact Denton Family Dentistry to make an appointment for your family today!


What Does Family Dentistry Mean?

Family dentistry focuses on oral health at every stage of life. Children, teens, adults, and seniors all have very different oral health needs. A family dentist has the experience and knowledge to deliver the right dental care for treating baby teeth, to permanent, adult teeth.

Family-focused dental care is completely comprehensive. This means our team can take care of you, your children, your spouse, grandparents, and in-laws at our practice. We are just as comfortable looking after the oral health needs of developing smiles as we are caring for mature teeth and gums.

What Services are Involved with Family-Focused Dental Care?

We are proud to provide comprehensive dental care that combines prevention with compassionate treatment. Our available services for family dentistry often include:


Can I Visit a Family Dentist if I Don’t have a Family?

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Absolutely! Our team happily welcomes individual patients in addition to families when visiting us for experienced dental care. Even without a family, the advantage of seeing our family dentist is knowing Dr. Choi has the expertise to help keep your smile healthy throughout your lifetime.

Plus, if you ever do start a family, you’ll have additional peace-of-mind knowing you have a dental team you can trust to deliver your loved ones with exceptional care.

Understanding Why Dental Care is Essential at Every Age

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When a dental or oral health problem presents itself in one member of your family, this can often imply other members of your family are vulnerable to the same issues.

Having one dental office serving the needs of your entire family is convenient and allows our dentist to provide truly comprehensive care that takes medical history, lifestyle habits, and genetics into full consideration.

Having access to this vital information as well as being familiar with your family’s smiles allows us to address a wide variety of dental issues including cavities, gum infections, disease, dental damage, and missing teeth.

What Oral and Dental Health Issues Can Family Dentistry Address?

Even with daily brushing and flossing, because smiles are in such constant use, it’s not uncommon for certain complications to still occur. Below are seven of the most common dental and oral health issues Dr. Choi and his team treat at our Denton office.

  1. Tooth Decay - is also known as cavities and is the second common health issue only to the common cold throughout the U.S. Typically caused when bacteria begin to eat away at tooth enamel.
  2. Gum (Periodontal) Disease - is an oral infection, which attacks the soft-tissues (gums) responsible for holding teeth in proper place. It is also one of the most common causes of tooth loss among adults. Although the condition typically occurs after age 30, everyone is at risk for developing the disease.
  3. Bad Breath - can be both embarrassing and bothersome. Conditions like gum disease, bacteria resting on the tongue, or medical conditions can lead to bad breath.
  4. Mouth Sores & Fever Blisters - are often more than bothersome than they are a cause for major concern. Mouth sores, like canker sores, form on the inside of the mouth, but not the lips. Fever blisters or cold sores occur on the edges of the outer lips. While for decades there’s been no official cure for cold sores, advances in dental technologies, like dental lasers can be used to help stop their progression.
  5. Dental Implants - Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth and also provide a fixed solution to having removable partial or complete dentures. Implants provide excellent support and stability for these dental appliances.
  6. Dental Emergencies - while diligent dental care and visits to our office can help you easily avoid developing certain issues, accidents can and do happen. Common problems that need an urgent trip to your dentist include a knocked-out tooth, broken or cracked tooth or restoration, and an abscessed tooth.
  7. Dull, Worn, or Less-Appealing Smile - isn’t really considered a dental or oral health issues. But, they’re perhaps the most common reasons why most seek dental treatment. As one of our most memorable features, it’s only natural to want to feel confident about the look of your smile.

No matter the simple or complex needs of your smile, our capable team will work with you to create a treatment plan that addresses your concerns.


When’s the Right Time to Start Visiting the Dentist?

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When it comes to the health, function, and longevity of your smile, it is never too late or too early to exercise prevention. However, if you have young children, we recommend bringing your child in for their first visit when they develop their first tooth or around their first birthday.

Though baby teeth are not permanent, caring for them is just as vital. These teeth help pave the way for strong, adult teeth and exercising prevention with diligent care is essential for maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile well into adulthood.

What Can I Expect from My Child’s First Dental Visit?

Dr. Choi and his team take the time during this visit to get to know your child. Rather than driving into treatment right away, we reserve this initial appointment for introducing your child to the rest of our staff, helping them become familiar with the dental environment. We also use this time to establish trust with child-friendly language paired with a patient and respectful demeanor.

During this first visit you can expect:

Education – Teaching your child about the important role oral health and hygiene has for their future smile is not only helpful; it’s essential. We like to use models, imaging technology, and easy-to-understand terminology when emphasizing the importance of keeping teeth healthy and strong.

Also, we advise parents on prevention, accident prevention, and proper eating and lifestyle habits.

Monitoring growth – By tracking the growth and development of your child’s smile, we can often anticipate certain dental issues before they arise and administer treatment promptly before they progress.

Prevention – Helping yourself and your children establish proper eating and oral care habits significantly reduces the chances of issues like tooth decay.

In addition to providing bi-annual checkups and dental cleanings, we can administer dental sealants and topical fluoride treatments to young teeth, advise parents on eliminating thumb sucking and pacifier habits, and provide sound demonstrations for brushing and flossing properly.

Intervention – Sometimes, we may discuss the need for early oral treatments with parents. With instances of injuries, bad bite (malocclusion), or teeth grinding (bruxism), space retainers may be fitted, a nighttime mouth guard may be provided, or some form of oral, reconstructive surgery may be recommended.

What if My Child is Nervous?

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When children are unfamiliar with a new environment, it’s normal for them to feel nervous. If you expect your young one will be apprehensive or fearful during their first visit, or if you’re also anxious about dental appointments, please talk to us beforehand.

We’ll do everything we can to help parents and children feel safe, relaxed, and confident about their care. As your trusted team of dental professionals, we always work with you at your own pace, ensuring you and your loved ones never feel nervous, pressured, or overwhelmed.


Making Dental Care Fun for Children with These 5 Help Tips!

As the parent or guardian, you have the responsibility of ensuring your child cares for their smile properly. However, you also have the privilege to make dental care fun!

Consider trying these five approaches to helping your child become excited about their oral health:

  1. Allow dental care to get personal - Let your child pick their toothbrush! Having them choose toothbrush and toothpaste they picked out themselves helps your child get excited about brushing.
  2. Make it a family affair - Brush your teeth together! Children, especially young children, are very impressionable, often looking to their parents and/or older siblings for how to take care of themselves. Brushing with your child is not only a great bonding experience but helps set the right example of proper oral hygiene habits.
  3. Utilize modern technology - Download child-friendly dental apps! There are numerous apps you can use for your child to have fun with while educating them about essential dental care.
  4. Eat smart for stunning smiles – Ditch sugary foods and drinks for fruits and vegetables! Eating healthy is beneficial for smiles at every age. Instilling proper eating habits early on helps children's  nutrition while also reducing the risk of developing cavities.
  5. Remember to enjoy yourself – Sing songs and play games to make oral hygiene fun! Singing and making up games are crucial learning strategies. Not to mention they’re fun!


Encouraging Good Oral Health for Teens and Young Adults

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Between school, sports, after-school activities, friends, and trying to catch up on sleep, proper oral hygiene can often fall by the wayside.

Fortunately, our team can help you make sure oral hygiene is part of their daily routine, discussing with them in which areas they may need help and providing beneficial tips they can implement to establish good habits that will stay with them as they become adults.

Hormonal changes can lead to issues like bad breath, developing smiles can require orthodontic treatment, and erupted third molars (wisdom teeth), often need extraction.

From convenient teeth whitening, and natural-looking fillings, to discreet orthodontics with clear braces, our office provides many personalized treatments to keep your teen’s smile confident and healthy.


Helping Adult Smiles Stand the Tests of Time

From years of use, adult smiles can become dull, damaged, and worn. Complications such as decay or normal wear and tear can affect both dental health, function, and beauty. It’s also not uncommon for adults in the U.S. to experience some form of gum disease at least once.

Dr. Choi and his team offer comprehensive dental treatments to address everything from tooth discoloration and gum disease to dental damage and tooth loss.

When you stay on-top-of your smile’s health with everyday oral hygiene and visit us every six months, we can effectively address various dental issues through preventive, cosmetic and restorative care for improving your dental and oral health.


Preserving Senior Smiles

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Senior patients experience oral health concerns that teens, children, and young adults may not. Certain medical conditions, like arthritis, can make brushing and flossing difficult. Medications can also affect oral health. However, that doesn’t mean that seniors can’t enjoy beautiful teeth and a healthy smile.

If you have a parent, grandparent, or senior family member with active gum disease, tooth loss, or other oral health concerns, our team is happy to provide proper treatment and maintenance.

Besides caring for the health of your smile, we can rejuvenate teeth aesthetics with crowns and veneers. We offer precise dental implant placement performed by our skilled, in-house periodontist, and restore missing teeth with life-like prosthetics, like bridges and full and partial dentures to ensure smiles look and feel natural.


Comprehensive Family Dentistry You Can Trust

Schedule your family’s next dental appointment with Denton Family Dentistry today to discover dental treatments customized for all ages. Our practice is dedicated to helping your family reach and maintain healthy, beautiful smiles.

Our dental practice proudly serves smiles throughout Denton and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area.



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