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By Denton Family Dentistry
October 02, 2018
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you currently considering your tooth replacement options? Dental implants may offer the ideal way to restore your smile. Denton, TX,Dental Implant dentist Dr. Christoper Edmondson of Denton Family Dentistry can help you maintain a full, healthy smile with dental implants and other services and procedures.

Dental Implant Requirements

Your Denton dentist will consider these factors when determining if you're a good candidate for implants:

  • Oral Health: Gum disease or other oral health problems may prevent you from receiving implants or delay the process until the issue is successfully treated.
  • General Health: Some diseases, such as uncontrolled diabetes, can slow healing. Poor healing may also be a problem if you're undergoing chemotherapy, taking medications that suppress the immune system, or have HIV/AIDS or another immune system disorder. As long as you're in good health, however, dental implants will be an excellent tooth restoration option.
  • Smoking: Smoking also slows healing and may lower the success rate for dental implants.
  • Jawbone Depth: Your jawbone must be deep enough to support dental implants. If it's not, your dentist may recommend bone grafts.
  • Nerve Placement: In some cases, implants may not be the best option due to inconvenient nerve placement.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants permit the replacement of your entire missing tooth, unlike other restoration options that only replace the crown, the part of the tooth you see above the gum line. Made of titanium, your implant bonds to your jawbone and serves as a secure foundation for an artificial crown. Thanks to the bonding process, your new tooth will feel just like a natural tooth and won't affect your biting power nor wobble or slip when you chew.

Have you ever noticed that people with missing teeth tend to look older than they are? This problem occurs when the jawbone shrinks, causing facing muscles to sag. A shrinking jawbone can also lead to the loss of otherwise healthy teeth. Luckily, adding dental implants to your jawbone provides stimulation that the bone needs to remain full and strong.

No matter what degree of tooth loss you've experienced, you can benefit from dental implants. In addition to supporting a single missing tooth, implants also support bridges and dentures. You may only need as few as four implants to support one denture.

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By Denton Family Dentistry
July 12, 2018
Category: Procedures
Tags: Dental Implants  

Dental ImplantsIf you believe that your missing teeth mean that you will have gaps in your smile permanently, you are mistaken. With dental implants, you can fill in the gaps and restore your teeth along with your mouth’s bite. Learning more about dental implants will help you to ensure you make the best decision about your teeth. Find out more about dental implants with Dr. Christopher Edmondson at Denton Family Dentistry in Denton, TX.

What is a dental implant? 
A dental implant replaces a missing tooth using a surgical procedure to place an implant fixture into the bone below the missing tooth. Made from titanium, the fixture resembles a screw and essentially replaces a missing tooth’s root below the gumline. An abutment connects the fixture to the customized prosthetic tooth which replaces the missing tooth. A dental laboratory customizes the prosthetic to fit exactly into your smile, ensuring a seamless and natural look.

Can dental implants help me? 
A good candidate for dental implants should have a strong at-home oral care to keep their implants and natural teeth healthy and clean between regular biannual dental examinations and cleanings. A missing tooth results in a lack of stimulation of the bone in which it sits. In turn, a process called bone atrophy occurs, causing the bone to degrade. Traditional tooth replacement options like bridges do not stimulate the bone as they lie above the gumline. Implants, however, do provide this necessary stimulation to keep the bone healthy. A good candidate for dental implants should have adequate bone volume in the area of their implant.

Dental Implants in Denton, TX
If you think you can benefit from a dental implant, you will need a consultation with your dentist to confirm that this is the best tooth replacement option for you and your smile. Your dentist will examine your teeth and ensure that you do not have any teeth decay or gum disease which would require treatment prior to placing your implants. Imagining techniques like x-rays help your dentist investigate the bone volume to ensure that you have a sturdy foundation to support your new implant.

For more information on dental implants, please contact Dr. Christopher Edmondson at Denton Family Dentistry in Denton, TX. Call (940) 591-9700 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Edmondson today!